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PVC hollow corrugated roof tile production line

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Technical Parameters

PVC hollow corrugated roof tile production line has the below performance characteristics:
•  Can choose conical twin screw extruder and different parallel twin-screw extruder; •   Provides guidance and recipes raw material purchase;
•   Low cost and high quality design and production of professional performance;
 •  Single layer or A + B / A + B + C / A + B + A multilayer tile to choose;


Product Application

PVC hollow roof tile has the following features:  
-This twin-wall hollow roofing sheet is better for heat and sound resistency.
-It is suitable for tropical weather,with advantages of anti-corrosion, rustproof, and strong durability.
-Beautiful appearance,easy and fast installation.
It is widely used in the factories(including chemical and treatment plants), sports stadium, school, agricultural industry, marine products, warehouse, and commercial building, etc.

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